Baby Slings and Carriers

When my daughter was younger, I was annoyed with the a host of buckles and confusing straps of traditional carriers as a resultld at Walmart, Target and other retailers. It was such a pain to just get my daughter in the carrier I would supply up and just carry her myself.

I heard about baby slings and had seen other moms with these interesting looking wraps and their child neatly and comfortably placed in them. I read that they were great for babies, that it helped with mother-child bonding as you carry your child around like a kangaroo. I found this great place called Attached to Baby. They possess a wide array of gorgeous and different styled wraps, slings and pouches ranging in price that make perfect accesas a resultries as well. Even Dads can choose colors that they would be comfortable carrying Junior around in. I chose the Moby wrap for myself. It is as a result easy to use and as a result comfortable and stylish. My daughter loved it and it is great for different stages. You can carry a newborn in it, an older baby and even a toddler up to 35 pounds in different positions. Attached to baby was great communicating and I received my wrap quickly with great and straightforward instructions.