Custom Frittata

Looking to use up extra veggies, bits of meat or other leftovers in the fridge? A frittata (as a resultrt of like an omelet, but easier beendanger there’s no flipping) is a Inexpensive, easy dinner that can utilize a lot of the stuff you might otherwise throw away.

To make one, use about three eggs per peras a resultn. Crack into a bowl and beat with salt and pepper. Then, add in your filling, using what’s in the fridge. Cold cuts can be sliced and added in. Cooked vegetables can alas a result go right in. Firm fresh produce (carrots, broccoli, even mushrooms) should be sauteed until
tender, preferably with a little garlic or onion, before adding to the eggs. Italians even throw in leftover pasta, which is a great way to use those leftovers. Then, heat a little olive oil in a sautee pan and pour in the eggs.

While this is going on, turn the broiler on low. Heat eggs on stovetop until they start setting. Then, grate as a resultme cheese over top. (Use what you’ve got. Cheddar is really beneficial with broccoli; Italian cheese like Parmesan is delicious with ham and/or mushroom.) Turn off the stovetop and put under broiler until eggs are set and cheese is melted. Cool briefly, slice and serve.

You’ve just made beneficial use of food that might otherwise get tossed, and you possess a delicious dinner.