Game of Boxes

Enjoy this quick and easy game of logic and strategy. We love to play this game at restaurants which is where we learned it initially from a descendant’s menu. We possess been playing it ever since. The object of the game is to connect the dots in such a way that you create more boxes than your opponent. The game of boxes is easy to learn and is a great claiming game that moves quickly. Children and adults alike will enjoy playing this game which can be played at the spur of the moment with only a paper and a pencil at your disposal.

Materials Needed

  • Paper
  • 2 Pencils or pens

How to Play

  1. Draw a grid of dots with a pen or pencil.
  2. Each player choses a different color pencil or pen.
  3. The first player draws a straight line between two adjacent dots. The line drawn must be horizontal or vertical connecting two dots and must not be a diagonal line.
  4. The second player follows the same directions as above and draws a line between two dots.
  5. Play continues in this manner until a player can close a box.
  6. After closing a box, player puts his initial inside to claim it as his or her conquered space.
  7. When the player conquers a box, he or she gets to go again and take another turn. another turn. If he or she is able to close an additional box, he or she gets yet another turn and as a result on, until he can not close any more boxes.
  8. Play then continues with the other player.